Empowering Human Potential
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We’re unique and complex humans. Our internal 'wiring' is composed of connectors and terminals that intertwine and drive us along many interconnecting pathways. Often we lose power or short circuit along the way with the belief that our wiring and its paths are fixed. But they're not. When we create a vision, challenge ourselves and implement changes, we can re-wire and navigate new purposeful and fulfilling  journeys for life.

I'm Rina and I grew up surrounded by love and family traditions. Passion, dedication and hard work are in my DNA. For the past twenty-two years I’ve been a co-founder and director of a design studio and a working mother. I learnt first hand how stress, poor sleep quality and an unhealthy lifestyle can affect your brain, body, health and the one's you love. I decided that I’d had enough of feeling burnt out. It was time to re-wire and get my brain and body back. I took control of my own biology by researching the latest science and experimenting with my productivity, stress, sleep and hacking my way to better health. Transforming my health and lifestyle has helped me to become a better parent, partner and friend.

My journey led me to Bulletproof and the Human Potential Institute where I studied and graduated as a Certified Human Potential Coach. This transformative experience has inspired me to empower others to make positive changes, become more mindful, gain focus, energy, optimal health.

I comply to the International Coach Federation (ICF) code of ethics

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Today we are supposed to be a 'super' humans and make all aspects of our life seem effortless.

Despite our 'super' human powers,  stress and lifestyle factors take their toll and we become fatigued, unhappy and before we know it we are looking in the mirror and wondering how 10 years has just appeared on our face and body. It's not the end nearing, it's just a wake up call to start to shift the needle in the right direction. We can live to our optimal potential and become the best version of ourselves.
We have the ability to motivate change and create greater happiness so that everyday becomes better than the last.

As your personal development coach I'll work with you to  gain clarity, discover your strengths and use your resources to adopt change. Together we’ll optimise your health and energy using  the latest science. We'll review your lifestyle including nutrition, movement, sleep, stress,  productivity and resilience.

So if you're committed to new challenges and adopting change, no matter what your current state, I'll be your accountability partner guiding and supporting you through your journey.

Connect with me for a free 15 minute chat about coaching and see if we make a great team.

Coaching is about partnering with you to clarify your goals, empower your performance and adopt change to reach your full potential.




How we connect

  • Mostly we connect via the Zoom platform. It’s a free and easy to use video communications program similar to Skype. All you need is a computer or smartphone, a connection and privacy. It means you don’t have to travel to and from meetings and we can meet at suitable times from almost anywhere in the world.

  • We can also coach on a voice-only call.

  • For Melbourne clients I also offer one hour, one-on-one coaching walks at the beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne where we’ll meet and coach along the walk. It’s a tranquil and inspiring environment.



OPtimisation and goals coaching

6  sessions  [1 hour per week online via Zoom]

Coaching relationships and progress can take time, so I recommend 6 sessions, over a 6 to 10 week period. This offers the greatest value for your personal development journey.


single session coaching

1 hour  online via Zoom

If you need some clarity on a topic or have a specific circumstance you'd like to be coached on that can be achieved in a single session.  



coaching walks*

1 hour coaching walks at the Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne

One-on-one coaching walks in the Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne where we’ll meet and coach during our walk. This tranquil and inspiring environment is a great way to get outside and enjoy nature. Rain, hail or shine we'll experience whatever nature delivers. 

*only available at the Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne.


fresh start lifestyle audit

3 hours  [in home audit]

Set the stage for optimizing your health, energy and performance goals with a 2 hour, in home audit with a 1 hour follow up audit. Together, at your home we discuss and audit your environment. This includes a pantry, kitchen, household toxin and sleep space review. We’ll discuss what’s working, the positive changes that you can make, better alternatives, where to find them and how they’ll make a difference.







Contnect with me by completing the form below and we'll chat about coaching, your goals and see if we make a great team.